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Keeping kids safe online

The COVID 19 lockdown has forced families to be together for a few weeks and everyone is at risk of stress due to the exceptional circumstances. In addition to their own concerns, parents can be particularly stressed by children who are bored and anxious due to being confined at home, not able to go out to play or to meet friends. However, the current situation also offers families an opportunity to spend time together and support each other, especially to harness the benefits of these devices and to minimise the risks and threats now and later once the lockdown is lifted.

Digital technologies and the internet may be considered a boon during physical isolation as they have facilitated transmission of information, social interactions, and entertainment for everyone and to a lesser degree distance education for children. While it is natural for people confined to their homes to be drawn to internet-enabled digital devices during
this phase, excessive usage now may make the transition back into schedules very difficult.

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