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Cloud Solutions

Moving to the cloud can be a big step. There is a huge amount of choice and twice as many people offering to help. Making the right choice can be the difference between success and failure. When the right cloud is implemented appropriately, cost savings and operational efficiency are a given. As an agnostic, multi-cloud platform provider, we have successfully migrated many organizations from traditional on-site solutions to a multitude of cloud platforms, right for their business and their businesses outcomes.

By understanding the business and its drivers, we can comprehensively plan and carefully migrate organizations so they have as a little downtime as possible while our team of experts make the switch and start their journey of cloud transformation. Equally, our experts assist those existing cloud converts who are considering reviewing and switching providers from existing cloud platforms.

At Magtech we do understand how fundamental your applications and data are to your organization, from establishing operational excellence, to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Being able to access and interact with your applications and data wherever you may be is crucial and our cloud services is exactly what the doctor ordered. We offer a comprehensive range of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, which includes our new Magtech Cloud solution hosted in our data center meaning we can host your data locally thus complying with Data Protection Law.

What to to expect from our cloud solutions


You can choose between a private, Public or Hybrid. Monthly or annual billing to meet your business needs.

Scalability & Innovation

Grows with your business. Continuous improvement and updates as they come.

Anywhere, Anytime

Access applications and data anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Business Continuity

Ensure your business is robust with accessible systems and data at the heart of your business continuity plan

Robust Security

Our cloud services meet international and
industry-specific compliance standards;
ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Over competitors who devote IT budgets and time to managing dated on-premise solutions.

Our Solutions

Backup as a service

Backup as a Service

Our cost-effective and secure Backup as a Service cloud solution provides complete lifecycle management of data backup. We work with customers to understand data protection and retention needs to design the right solution to fit those requirements.

Security as a Service

Our security as a service is a comprehensive, effective service that can minimize security risks and identify vulnerabilities. It provides 24/7 security monitoring for greater peace of mind.


Our Infrastructure as a Service and Self Service portal provides the availability, scale, speed, and repeatable accuracy that your business needs to increase productivity and respond quickly to business opportunities.

Office 365