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Roles of IT Security Administrator

Security administration is a broad term for what applicants are expected to do. Most security administrators work in a team, so applicants could be responsible for any number of network tasks. These professionals are responsible for desktop, mobile, and network security. They perform risk assessment, audit machines and their software, train other staff on proper protocols, and monitor network traffic for any suspicious activity. They update software on the latest security patches, and ensure that each network resource has the proper defenses. They know cyber threats from experience and can even defend against zero-day malware.

Job Roles

  • Identify threats and work to create steps to defend against them
  • Perform vulnerability and penetration tests across all network segments
  • Monitor network traffic for suspicious behavior
  • Configure security systems such as firewalls, antivirus, and IDS/IPS software
  • Create network policies and authorization roles for file access
  • Analyze current security requirements and make suggestions for improvements
  • Define disaster recovery plans
  • Consult with staff, managers and executives on the best security practices
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