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Handy IT tools to keep your business revved-up

Maybe you have been scratching your head endlessly looking for that Midas touch to keep your business afloat, enhance efficiency, productivity, improve collaboration and to keep tabs with your projects. They are myriad of IT tools out there and getting the right-fit sometimes might cost you time and money. No biggie, your techie hand scrapped through the net to get the industry top matches.

If you are looking at enabling seamless communication and collaboration among team members, whether they are located in the same office or working remotely. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet come in handy his tools facilitate real-time collaboration, document sharing, and efficient coordination. While at it you many want to stretch your file storage and sharing capabilities further in size and complexity and tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box are up to task, enabling your team to access large number of files, having different access rights, anywhere, anytime.

To a business, customer is king and thus having a customer relationship management tool helps the business manage and nurture customer relationships. They provide a centralized database for customer information, enable tracking of interactions and sales opportunities, and facilitate targeted marketing and personalized customer experiences. Tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 are top rated.

Tools like Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics, QlikView enable businesses to gather, analyze, and visualize data to gain valuable insights. These insights can inform decision-making, identify trends, improve customer experiences, optimize processes, and drive innovation.

Running a project? Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday.com can contribute to cost optimization by reducing manual labor, eliminating paperwork, minimizing errors, and optimizing resource allocation.

Most of these tools are cloud-based tools and often they offer subscription-based pricing models that allow businesses to scale their usage and pay only for the resources they need. In a nutshell, IT tools empower businesses to optimize processes, improve decision-making, foster collaboration, enhance customer experiences, and adapt to the evolving digital landscape. By leveraging technology effectively, businesses can gain a competitive edge and achieve their objectives more efficiently. Don’t forget to backup and secure your data.

By Murithi Magiri,
The writer is the Lead IT Consultant at Magtech Solutions

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