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Build Data Protection Law -compliant data protection and storage solutions with Magtech

Accelerate your Data Protection Law compliance with Magtech

Store and back up personal data only in approved locationsProtect personal data from security breachesHonor data subject rights in storage and in backupMinimize breaches with ransomware protection


FOR CIOsRevisit contracts and SLAs with third-party service providers for complianceHire or designate an existing staff resource as Data Protection Officer
 Deliver employee awareness trainingDocument disaster and security breach response policies and procedures and conduct periodic drills to rehearse them
FOR IT OPERATIONSInventory storage and backup data to identify personal dataAnalyze network flows to identify cross-border data transfers
 Enable strong encryption in transit and at rest for data storage and backup archivesManage backup archive retention rates for data minimization
FOR CSOsSelf-audit your security posture against emergent personal data threats like ransomwareImprove monitoring to detect security incursions and other potential personal data loss events
 Revamp your security breach response policies and procedures to meet notification requirementsDeploy anti-ransomware and other measures to minimize security breaches


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Justin Jones
IT Manager at Granite Ridge Builder explains
“Acronis has the potential to address the backup, recovery, and data protection challenges that European enterprises face in terms of GDPR, the changing threat landscape, and hybrid and multicloud infrastructures.” IDC report, “Acronis Backup 12.5: Transforming Data Protection with Blockchain Tech, Ransomware Protection, and Quick Insights”.

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